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Sheffield researchers

Dr Steven Ariss

Matt Franklin

Jeremy Dawson

Heather Dunn

Jennifer Read

Rachel Hatton


8 trusts

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2 universities

15 companies

87 GP practices

1 local authority

1 patient association




NHS England

About the project

A test bed based in Sheffield City Region which aims to bring new benefits to patients with multiple long-term conditions.

This will be achieved through the combination and integration of innovative technologies and pioneering service designs, keeping them well and independent and avoiding unnecessary hospital attendances.

The main objectives of the test bed are:

  • Provide an ongoing platform for testing, refining and scaling-up innovations.

  • Re-design pathways, bringing combinatorial technologies and system transformations to support holistic and personalised care.

  • Embed the culture of transformation and improvement in NHS and other health and care organisations.

  • Support coordinated decision-making across health and care, informed by real-time data and predictive analytics.

  • Evaluate the combination of new technologies and service re-designs producing robust and objective results that can be shared and disseminated.

At the University of Sheffield, Dr Steven Ariss, a CATCH researcher will lead the evaluation of the project.

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