We research, develop, evaluate and implement new technologies to enable people to live well and age well.

We bring together and coordinate the activities of over 70 academics, across 17 departments and five faculties at the University of Sheffield. This includes healthcare scientists, engineers, psychologists, computer scientists, architects and social scientists.

Research themes

We split our research into two major themes: assistive technology and connected healthcare. Each of these major themes contains two sub-themes, outlined below.

Daily living and mobility (including care robotics)

This assistive technology theme is about any technology that helps people be more independent in everyday life activities. Specific attention within this theme is on the potential of robotics to provide bespoke, user-centred and long-term assistance.

Human communication

This assistive technology theme is about technology that helps people with disabilities to use their speech to access assistive technology or to improve their ability to communicate. Research will concentrate on technology for aiding the detection and assessment of pathologies, to support therapy, and to enable accessibility and interaction.

Self-management and wellbeing

In this connected healthcare theme the focus is on supporting people with long-term conditions or disability in taking responsibility for their health and managing their treatment themselves wherever possible.

Healthcare and rehabilitation delivery

This connected healthcare theme is about technology that supports healthcare professionals and organisations to provide care and treatment in the most cost-effective way.

Join the team

CATCH is a team of about 50 people, more than 10 of which are PhD students. An example of a CATCH PhD project is Technology for Healthy Aging and Wellbeing (THAW). If you are interested in being a PhD student within CATCH we would love to hear from you.