CASELOAD feasibility trial

Sheffield Investigators

Professor Michael Barkham

Dr Abigail Millings

Sheffield Researcher

Emma Broglia


The University of Sheffield Counselling and Well-being service


British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

About the project

CASELOAD (Counselling plus Apps for Students Experiencing Levels Of Anxiety or Depression) is a feasibility trial.

It aims to explore whether supplementing face-to-face counselling with guided use of a well-being mobile phone app is an acceptable, feasible and potentially helpful treatment option for university students experiencing levels of anxiety or depression.

The trial is taking place at the University of Sheffield Counselling and Well-being service and will be available to registered students of all levels of study.

Eligible students will be invited to join one of two conditions:

  1. counselling in line with standard practice or;

  2. counselling supplemented with guided use of a behavioural tracking well-being app

A qualitative sub-study will further explore students’ and therapists’ experiences of the new intervention and overall research experience. Findings will be used to inform the design of a potential Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT).

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