Dr Annamaria Carusi


Reader in Medical Humanities

Department: Infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease

Faculty: Medicine, Dentistry and Health


Telephone: +44 114 271 1725

Email: a.carusi@sheffield.ac.uk


I have a broad humanities background, ranging from philosophy to critical and literary theory. I am interested in connections between epistemic, social, ethical and aesthetic aspects of science, with a particular focus on material practices and technologies. My research is deeply influenced by phenomenology (especially Merleau-Ponty), and is also convergent with philosophy of science in practice, new experimentalism and new materialism.

My recent research has focused on images, models, simulations and visualisations in the contemporary biosciences, and on the role of technologies in computationally intensive interdisciplinary settings. My work is highly interdisciplinary, and I have close collaborations in the broad field of science studies, as well as with scientists.

I am interested in supervising PhDs in any of the following areas:

  • Social epistemology of modelling.

  • Comparisons between different kinds of models in medical research.

  • Social and philosophical aspects of images and visualisations.

  • Technology mediated perception and knowledge, in particular with a phenomenological slant.

  • Philosophy of medicine.

Current research projects

I am currently developing research projects on:

  • Philosophical, cultural and social aspects of personalised medicine.

  • Comparing computational and animals models in biomedical sciences.

  • Developing educational and training resources to deploy the humanities in interdisciplinary science.