Dr Andrea Wigfield


Dr Andrea Wigfield

Director and Research Specialist, CIRCLE (Centre for International Research on Care, Labour and Equalities)

Department: Sociological Studies

Faculty: Social Sciences

Research expertise

Social isolation and loneliness


Telephone: +44 114 222 6484

Email: a.wigfield@sheffield.ac.uk


I am a leading researcher on evidence based policy and practice, specialising in policy and programme evaluation relating to social exclusion and marginalised communities. I have worked extensively on contemporary challenges facing women, (including BME women), carers, and older people. I am particularly interested in Good Relations and its significance across and within the equality strands, and in different urban and rural spaces.

The key principles which guide my work are academically rigor, and evidence based research which is policy driven and leads to impact and change. Many aspects of my research focus on co-production involving all key partners in the research process, including the end users. I specialise in making complex research findings accessible to a wide range of audiences.