Sheffield investigator

Professor Mark Hawley

Sheffield researcher

Katherine Easton

Simon Brownsell

Steve Blackburn


Tunstall Healthcare

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Housing 21

Fold Housing Association


Technology Strategy Board

About the project

The extra care housing model is highly successful in providing care and support for older people, those with long-term health conditions and people with disabilities. The VIRTEx project (virtual extra care service) studied the potential for extending the extra care model to build a virtual community of connected carers and cared-for people.

The development of new and innovative health and IT services could help reduce social isolation, encourage activities and social interaction, and keep people in touch with each other – including health and social care professionals.

Sheffield worked with users to identify requirements and produce a specification for the system and then evaluated a prototype system with users. Five main user requirement themes were identified:

  1. Information access

  2. Communication

  3. Self-care

  4. Accessibility

  5. Personalisation of services

The VIRTEx project was supported by the Technology Strategy Board under the Assisted Living Innovation Platform (ALIP).