Robot Companions for Citizens

Sheffield investigators

Professor Mark Hawley

Professor Roger Moore

Tony Prescott

Dr Thomas Webb


University of Twente

Dalarna University

Napier University

Bergen University

University of Utrecht

University of Pompeu Fabra

Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

Sebastian Conran Associates


European Commission


About the project

The Robot Companions for Citizens (RCC) project was a European Commission Future Emerging Technology (FET) Flagship Candidate project addressing how new generations of safe and human friendly robots can assist in extending the active and independent lives of older people.

The project proposed many advances in the area of robotic designs which would lead to significant developments in this area, including new materials, new power systems, novel sensors and actuators, advances in human-computer and human robot interaction.

The RCC 'Society' working group produced a roadmap for future research in the societal aspects of the development of assistive and companion robots – understanding user requirements, examining potential use-case scenarios, current perceptions of robots, ethical and legal issues, and developing a human centred design approach.

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