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About the project

MIRO is a biomimetic companion robot with an advanced brain that can learn from its surroundings and develop a unique personality.

It will make decisions, display emotions and respond to others in a truly unique and autonomous way. Sebastian Conran Associates (SCA) were commissioned to design the robot, in conjunction with the University of Sheffield and Eaglemoss Publications that would utilise their unique 'partworks' retail model.

The character and form of the robot has been carefully considered to be friendly and approachable, but not toy-like. Developed closely with Eaglemoss' in-house production team, the robot is put together over 80 episodes, gradually evolving from simple reactive mammal to a cognitive being.

Discussions are progressing around the use of MIRO in situations where companionship, distraction and/or familiarity may be an emotional support. Addition of communication and transaction assistive technology tools and services are also being considered.

Image and video copyrights: Sebastian Conran