Sheffield Investigators

Mark Hawley

Gail Mountain

Simon Dixon

Bridgette Wessels


University of Leeds

Advanced Digital Institute (ADI)


Technology Strategy Board

About the project

MALT (Mainstreaming Assisted Living Technologies) is working to understand and address the barriers to the uptake of assisted living technologies such as telehealth.

The successful deployment of Assisted Living technologies, particularly telehealth,faces several challenges , which include: clarifying the costs and benefits; overcoming the barriers for patients, carers and staff within health and social care providers; and developing new and viable service and business models. MALT is working collaboratively with partners to understand challenges in current telehealth deployment in Yorkshire and develop solutions to overcome barriers for future large-scale deployment.

The project brings together researchers with a number of health care organisations and includes an industry group, which commercial partners are invited to join.

MALT was supported by the Technology Strategy Board under the Assisted Living Innovation Platform (ALIP).

MALT website.