Sheffield Investigator

Mark Hawley

Sheffield Researcher

Stephen Potter


University of Nottingham
Heriot Watt University
Sheffield Hallam University
University of Hertfordshire



About the project

Robotics has the potential to support people living with frailty to lead independent lives for longer. However, robot devices have so far failed to make the leap from the research lab to people's homes. EMERGENCE is attempting to create the right development and testing ecosystem to encourage robots to take this crucial step.

EMERGENCE is a EPSRC-funded Network+, led by the University of Nottingham. The Network will create a sustainable healthcare robotics ecosystem connecting researchers, industry and health and care providers - and potential end users themselves - in order to drive world-class, evidence-based advances in healthcare robotics R&D to support people living with frailty. 

For more see: https://www.emergencerobotics.net