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Professor Mark Hawley


Dr Katherine Easton


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About the project

Feasibility study of Tigerteam’s electronic personalised care and wellness plan (CWP) for older people

This collaborative research and development project brought together Tigerteam, a healthcare technology company specialising in product development and consultancy, with researchers at CATCH, Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare at the University of Sheffield. The project was the first step in collaboration between the two organisations. In 2015 Tigerteam were developing a prototype product, a Care and Wellness Pan (CWP) personal assistant for older people. The product was developed to monitor and support the users’ care and wellness plan, focusing on the needs of older adults. Over a six month period CATCH worked with Tigerteam to establish the acceptability and usability of the prototype system; testing the system in the Home Lab with a sample of older adults recruited from a local organisation, Sheffield 50 Plus.

This project has greatly benefited CATCH by kick-starting a collaboration with an innovative SME which we hadn’t worked with before.

Tigerteam have been happy with the collaboration and outputs that have come from the testing.

“The experience and expertise of the CATCH team has enabled a research study to be set up quickly and our product to be tested methodically. We have gained invaluable feedback from the study which has endorsed key aspects of our approach and shown us which areas need to be improved”. Roy Margolis, Managing Director at Tigerteam Software Limited

Through our work with Tigerteam, CATCH has been able to further develop skills in user-centred product design and development. We have utilised technology in the Home Lab to great effect and strengthened our relationship with local community groups. This will lead to further research and has the potential to deliver significant societal benefit in the future by helping older adults, carer providers and carers to ensure that older adults receive better care. The next stage will be to evaluate a viable prototype in practice to determine user engagement with the system and willingness to collect data and use it to promote independence.

The Tiger team/CATCH collaboration was funded via a TUoS Faculty Research and Innovation Service Collaborative R&D award.