Sheffield Investigators

Dr Heidi Christensen

Dr Stuart Cunningham

Professor Phil Green

Sheffield Researcher

Dr Joaquin Jose Atria


Leverhulme trust

CloudCAST is an International Network (IN-2014-003) funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

About the project

In recent years, there has been significant progress in the development of Clinical Applications of Speech Technology (CAST).

These applications have included tools to assist with the assessment of speakers with a speech disorder, tools to help speakers improve their pronunciation, or their reading skills. There have also been advances in the recognition of disordered speech and the reconstruction of voice for use in personalised synthesis.

In this project, we aim to make progress in this domain and to provide a freely-available platform for worldwide collaboration. We aim to place tools in the hands of professionals who deal with clients with speech and language difficulties, including speech and language therapists and pathologist, teachers, and assistive technology practitioners.

We intend to do this by means of a remotely-located, internet-based resource ‘in the cloud’ which will provide a set of software tools including personalised speech recognition, diagnosis and interactive spoken language learning. Following a user-centred design methodology, we will provide interfaces which will make these tools easy to use for professionals and their clients, who are not necessarily speech technology experts.

The network partners are:

The University of Sheffield (United Kingdom)

AIAS Onlus, Bologna (Italy)

The University of the West Indies (Jamaica)

The University of Toronto (Canada)*