Sheffield Investigator

Professor Arlene Astell

Sheffield Researchers

Dr Timothy Gomersall

Dr Sarah Kate Smith


Toronto Rehab Institute, University of Toronto

Karolinska Institutet, Simon Fraser University


AAL-WELL is part of the ERA-AGE2 program with funding from the Canadian Institute of Health Research, the UK Economic and Social Research Council and the Swedish Council for Working life and Social Research.

About the project

AAL-WELL (Ambient Assisted Living Technologies for Wellness, Engagement and Long Life) is developing new AAL technologies that support active and healthy ageing with particular attention on older adults with mild cognitive impairment (MCI).

AAL-WELL is focused on understanding the needs of people with MCI and developing a series of novel and generic AAL technologies which meet and address these needs. CATCH is leading the work package on user testing, working collaboratively with people with MCI to develop evaluation tools and techniques which can then be used to assess the usability, acceptability and usefulness of the new AAL technologies in real life situations.

Find more information on the project website: http://www.aal-well.org/