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Pitch-In digital health development webinars

12 May 2021

During the first months of 2021 Kat Easton and Stephen Potter of CATCH, in collaboration with digital development company Mindwave Ventures, devised, developed and ran a series of a series of four webinars, each dealing with a different subject in the area of digital health innovation.

Each webinar, of around 90 minutes' duration, took the form of a free and, at times, frank discussion among a panel of experts selected to reflect the diversity of experiences and perspectives in the field. The insights and advice offered by the panel would be of value to both novices in digital health, unsure how to take forward their ground-breaking ideas, and seasoned developers, always alert for hints or tips to improve their practice.

The good news for anyone who missed the webinars first time round (or who would like to go back and refresh their memories) is that video recordings of the webinars are now available online. The development of the webinars was supported by Pitch-In: Promoting the Internet of Things via Collaboration between HEIs and Industry, sponsored by Research England's Connecting Capability Fund.

Webinar 1 – 'Discovery' of user needs in digital health: Why bother?

A fascinating and wide-ranging discussion about all aspects of requirements gathering and user engagement in digital health development.

Webinar 2 – Designing and developing digital health technologies: How to forge a partnership between academia, NHS and industry that really works

A session full of useful insights into one of the most vital aspects of digital health development: how to forge successful collaborations.

Webinar 3 – Evidence and evaluation: How to design digital health tools with evaluation in mind and gather evidence of impact

One of the most important aspects of digital health development: how to ensure that evidence-gathering and evaluation become integral parts of the process rather than mere afterthoughts or even forgotten entirely.

Webinar 4 – Onboarding and implementation: How to acquire and retain users of digital health technologies

A session which addresses one of the challenges in digital health development: it is easy to neglect or underestimate. How to ensure that people use – and continue to use – your digital health tool.