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BMJ HCI top 10 most cited papers – 'E-Therapies in England for stress, anxiety or depression: How are apps developed? A survey of NHS e-therapy developers'

12 January 2022

The University of Sheffield colleagues shared great news that one of their papers has received the top 10 most citations published within BMJ Health and Care Informatics (BMJ HCI) in 2019 and thus contributed the most in increasing awareness of the articles BMJ publish.

Objective – to document the quality of web and smartphone apps used and recommended for stress, anxiety or depression by examining the manner in which they were developed.

Design – the study was conducted using a survey sent to developers of National Health Service (NHS) e-therapies.

Data sources – data were collected via a survey sent out to NHS e-therapy developers during October 2015 and review of development company websites during October 2015.

Data collection/extraction methods – data were compiled from responses to the survey and development company websites of the NHS e-therapies developers.

As an increasing number of developers are looking to produce e-therapies for the NHS it is essential they apply clinical and academic best practices to ensure the creation of safe and effective apps.

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