The Home Lab

The CATCH Home Lab simulates normal living by mimicking the home or care environment, allowing volunteer users to simulate living normally, testing a range of technologies whilst being observed and evaluated by researchers.

The lab helps people identify their needs for technology. Offering a new way of working, the facility is a bridge between the laboratory-based research environment and the homes of people in the community.

Bringing patients, carers, clinicians and researchers together into this unique environment allows researchers to carefully analyse and understand the challenges faced by individuals, and work with them to design, develop and produce novel and practical solutions. The Home Lab helps enable the translation of research into real-world products and services.

Three people looking at a tablet device

Based in the centre of Sheffield, our new and improved Home Lab offers different areas to test new technologies, all of which – following its recent renovation – make the Home Lab a realistic and welcoming environment.

The open plan kitchen, dining and living area offers great accessibility, accurately reflecting the home with a dining table, comfortable seating area, television and coffee table as well as appliances such as a cooker and fridge. The separate bedroom also features a double bed and wardrobe.

Home Lab open plan kitchen

With a hidden control room built into the lab, you can monitor and record your participants without them being disturbed.

Man in the control room looking at a monitor

The Home Lab is available for researchers from the University of Sheffield and external organisations to use for evaluating new technology.

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1 x Phoenix Exoskeleton

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