Joanne Titterton

MSc, BSc(Hons)

PhD Student

Department: School of Health and Related Research

Faculty: Medicine, Dentistry and Health



I hold a BSc with Honours in Biomedical Science and a Masters degree in Psychology both of which I achieved at Sheffield Hallam University. For several years, alongside my studies, I worked for a local housing association in various capacities, from a key worker on mental health projects, homelessness interventions and extra care schemes for the elderly, to sitting on the board as a Non-Executive Directors Associate. Of all the customer groups I have worked with I got the most job satisfaction when working with older adults.

My ambition is to utilise my academic training and work experiences to carry out research that will positively impact the lives of others, particularly older adults.

Current research projects

  • My PhD project will form a key element of a Dunhill Medical Trust research project, that working together with older people, aims to develop a means of rapidly assessing technologies to establish their potential to assist older people to stay independent, safe and well.

  • I will be answering the following questions:
    How do we identify new technologies that have the potential to assist older people to stay independent, safe and well?
    - How do we identify criteria and tools for assessing the potential added value of products and services based on these technologies?
    - How do we design acceptable processes for co-deciding, with potential users, which technologies, products and services should be further evaluated?